libopenraw is a desktop agnostic effort to support digital camera RAW files. It include libopenraw and exempi as the main components.

  • libopenraw, a library to parse digital camera RAW files. Also separately the Rust bindings.
  • Exempi, a library to parse XMP metadata. Also separately the Rust bindings.

libopenraw 0.2.0 is out

libopenraw 0.2.0 is out.

Here are the changes:

  • Support parsing Canon CR3 and GoPro GPR
  • Many many camera added
  • New API to get vendor ID

See RELEASE_NOTES and NEWS included in the tarball. libopenraw now require Rust to compile the CR3 support.

exempi-rs 2.5.0 is out

exempi-rs 2.5.0 is out. exempi-rs are the Rust binding for Exempi 2.4.

They have been uploaded to to be available with cargo.

Here are the changes:

  • DateTime now has standard derive Clone and Debug
    • Fixed ffi struct.
    • Now opaque.
  • xmp_iterator_new() now take a const Xmp
  • XmpIterator::next() outputs a PropFlags, not an IterFlags
  • Xmp::set_array_item() was missing.
  • Xmp is now Send.
  • exempi::init() will run only once.
  • Add exempi::force_init().
  • A more Rust like API returning Result<>.
  • Update URL for crate.

New website

Not exactly new hosting, but moved their hosting to a self hosted Gitlab instance. So we moved. And the website is now generated using Gitlab pages instead of the Wiki.

The project Gitlab page

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