libopenraw 0.3.3 is out

libopenraw 0.3.3 is out.

Added a bunch more cameras, new an old, and even older.

New features:

Camera support:

[ a * denote that static WB coefficients have been included, unless DNG ]

  • Added Canon 200D Mk II*, EOS R6 MKII*, EOS R7* and EOS R10*.
  • Added DJI Mini 3 Pro / FC-3582 (DNG).
  • Added Fujifilm X-H2*, X-H2S*, X-T5*, S6000fd*, SL1000* and HS50EXR*.
  • Added Hasselblad L2D-20c / DJI Mavic 3 Cine (DNG).
  • Added Olympus C5060WZ*, SP570UZ* and E-P7*.
  • Added OM Systems OM-5*.
  • Added Panasonic FZ38*, FZ300*, FZ70, FZ72*, G6*, G70*, G81*, G90*, GM1S*, GX7 Mk3*, GX85*, LF1*, TZ71*, TZ81*, TZ90*, TZ96*, TZ101*, ZS40*/TZ60*/TZ61*.
  • Added Sony 7RM5*.
  • Added Leica D-LUX 6*.
  • Added Nikon Z 30*.

Bug fixes:

  • autoconf-archive is no longer required for development. Issue #11.
  • The tarball will have up to date autoconf files.
  • Test suite bootstrap no longer crashes.
  • Test suite bootstrap no longer leave 0 bytes files.
  • Test suite build without warning if CURL is disabled (no bootstrap).