libopenraw 0.3.2 is out

libopenraw 0.3.2 is out.

Added a bunch more cameras, new an old, and even older.

New features:

Camera support:

[ a * denote that static WB coefficients have been included, unless DNG ]

  • Added Epson RD-1X*.
  • Added Leica DIGILUX3*.
  • Added Nikon D1H*, D7500*, D850* and P7800*.
  • Added Olympus E30*, E420*, E450*, E520*, E600* and E-P5*.
  • Added Pentax K2000* and K-m* (PEF).

Bug fixes:

  • Properly detect compressed data for Panasonic.
  • Fix the linkage of the mp4parse library with libtool.
  • Fixed the demo/ccfa to output properly the byte stream.
  • Fixed BitIterator code to peek past the number of bits for Olympus decoding.
  • Fixed decompression of packed Olympus ORF files.
  • Fixed over reported size of Panasonic compressed Raw data.

Internal changes:

  • Refactored the Olympus decompressor: less code.
  • Update Mozilla mp4parser to the latest 0.12.0 (rebased) for the CR3 parser.