libopenraw 0.3.1 is out

libopenraw 0.3.1 is out.

Added a bunch more cameras, new an old, and even older.

New features

  • Added identify as a tool to check a file can be open. This is just for development purpose.
  • Updated the Exif tag list to ExifTool 12.30.

Camera support

[ a * denote that static WB coefficients have been included, unless DNG ]

  • Added Apple iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.
  • Added Canon EOS M2*, EOS M50 MarkII* and EOS R3*.
  • Added DJI Osmo Action, FC220, FC350, FC6310 and FC7303.
  • Added Fujifilm X-E4*, X-T30 II*, GFX 50S II* and GFX 100S*
  • Added Leica M11.
  • Added Nikon Z9* and Zfc*.
  • Added Olympus E-M10III*.
  • Added OM Systems OM-1*.
  • Added Panansonic G7*, GH5II* and GH6*, and alias for Panasonic G110.
  • Added Pentax K3 MarkIII (DNG and PEF*).
  • Added Ricoh GR IIIx.
  • Added Sigma fp L.
  • Added Sony DSLR-A300*, DSLR-A350*, ILCE-A7R III A*, ILCE-A7R IV A*, DSC-HX95*, ZV-E10*, QX-1*, A-1*, and A-7IV*.

Bug fixes

Internal changes

  • Added a make webdist target to streamline copying the doxygen output.
  • Removed a few piece of unused code in IFD, MakerNote and ljpeg decompressor.
  • Use bionic on Travis CI
  • Minor cleanup in the Sony code.
  • Updated configure to more modern syntax (autoupdate). Requires autoconf 2.69.