libopenraw 0.3.0 is out

libopenraw 0.3.0 is out.

The key new feature of libopenraw 0.3.0 is the metadata extraction from the various formats, including non TIFF based Canon CR3.

Added a bunch more cameras, new an old, and even older.

Here is the list of changes:

New features:

Camera support:

  • Added Pentax K-7 (DNG), K5 II (DNG), star-ist DL2*, K110D*, K5 II*, K3*, K3 II*, K-S1*.

  • Added Leica Monochrom M Typ-246 (DNG), D-LUX 4*, Q2-Monochrom (DNG) and SL2-S (DNG).

  • Added XIAOYI YDXJ-2 and YIAC-3 (DNG).

  • Added Nikon Z5*, Z6 2* and Z7 2*.

  • Added Sony A7SIII*, A7C*.

  • Added Canon PowerShot S30*, S40*, S45*, S50*, S60*, S70*, S100V*, Pro70, EOS 850 D / Rebel T8i / KISS X10i*.

  • Added Hasselblad L1D-20c (DNG).

  • Added Panasonic S5*.

  • Added Zeiss ZX1 (DNG).

  • Added Fujifilm FinePix S100FS*, X-S10*.

  • Epson R-D1, R-D1s: extract the 640 pixel preview.

  • Panasonic: extract the Exif thumbnail, get bit per channel, CFA pattern.

  • Olympus, Nikon, Pentax: extract the MakerNote preview.

  • Pentax: Extract the active area and white level when available.

  • Sony: files properly identified. A390 treated as a A380.

  • Canon CRW: synthesize Exif metadata.


  • API: Added or_ifd_release(), or_ifd_get_name() and or_ifd_get_type().
  • API: The ORIfdDirRef returned by or_rawfile_get_ifd() must be released.
  • API: or_rawfile_get_ifd() support more IFD types.
  • API: or_ifd_index is replaced by or_ifd_dir_type. OR_IFD_MAKERNOTE is replaced by OR_IFD_MNOTE, OR_IFD_CFA is replaced by OR_IFD_RAW.
  • API: or_iterator*() to iterate through the metadata tags.
  • API: Added or_metavalue_get_count().
  • Fix getting MakerNotes for Pentax, Panasonic.
  • Get the Panasonic Exif thumbnail.
  • Added tool exifdump.

Internal Changes:

  • Use std::make_unique<>: requires C++14 to compile.
  • Added LOGASSERT().
  • Use model ID when available (Sony, Pentax) instead of strings.
  • Testsuite list the tests that are not run.
  • You can run any testsuite.

Bug fixes:

  • Panasonic: fix the active area, the bpc and the CFA pattern type.

See NEWS included in the tarball.