Exempi 2.6.0 is out

Exempi 2.6.0 is out.

Here are the changes:

  • Update XMPCore to Adobe XMP SDK v2021.10 (issue #22)
    • Changes in v2021.10
      • Fixing CTECHXMP-4170583, CTECHXMP-4170596, CTECHXMP-4170597, CTECHXMP-4170598, CTECHXMP-4170599, CTECHXMP-4170632 and CTECHXMP-4170633 (maintainer note: no idea what they are, but it seems to fix various buffer size issues in WAVE and SVG)
    • Changes in v2021.08
      • Security Fixes
      • Fixes syntax errors like semicolons in the codebase
      • Copyright note changes across the codebase
      • Fixes broken license link in Read.md
      • Fully implements kXMPFiles_OpenOnlyXMP flag for MPEG4
    • Changes in v2021.07
      • Security Fixes
      • Write Exif 2.3.1 Time Zone Metadata - XMPFiles Should Read/Write
      • Removal of words Master/Slave/Blacklist/Whitelist from codebase
      • cmake scripts use –version instead of -dumpversion to get complete gcc version string
      • Updating ReadMe.txt
    • Changes in v2020.1
      • iOS project generation issue
      • iOS compilation issue with libc++
      • Android support with cmake version 3.6
      • CMake upgrade to version 3.15 (except for Android)
      • Add XCode 10.2 support
      • Add VS2017 support
    • Some fixes previously done in Exempi are now upstream.