• NEF, CRW, CR2, PEF, ARW, ORF, MRW (Minolta), RAF (Fuji), RAW (Panasonic), RW2 and DNG parsing
  • Modular low level API that allow:
    • Parse the file
    • Extract previews
  • High level API that allow:
    • Provide and standard thumbnail - Done

To Implement

  • Support for as much file format as possible.
  • Modular low level API that allow:
    • Identify the file by content
    • Extract the meta-data
    • Allow processing the RAW data in different way, including having them extracted for an application custom processor.
  • High level API that allow:
    • Preprocess the file using standard parameters
    • Extract the metadata as EXIF (and XMP)
    • Convert to a DNG file

Development Plans

  • Get a basic thumbnail extractor - Done 0.0.1
  • Get a basic metadata extractor - Done
  • Get a basic RAW processor - Done, but need work.
  • Implementing a new file format means implementing its parsing on top of the existing internal API and support all the high-level features that the other support.