OpenRaw::Thumbnail Class Reference

#include <thumbnail.h>

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Public Types

typedef ::or_data_type DataType

Public Member Functions

 Thumbnail ()
 ~Thumbnail ()
DataType dataType () const
void setDataType (Thumbnail::DataType _type)
void * allocData (const size_t s)
size_t size () const
void * data () const
uint32_t x ()
uint32_t y ()
void setDimensions (uint32_t x, uint32_t y)

Static Public Member Functions

static ThumbnailgetAndExtractThumbnail (const char *_filename, uint32_t preferred_size,::or_error &err)


class  Private

Detailed Description

real thumbnail extracted

Definition at line 32 of file thumbnail.h.

Member Function Documentation

Thumbnail::DataType OpenRaw::Thumbnail::dataType (  )  const

return the data type

Definition at line 98 of file thumbnail.cpp.

References OpenRaw::Thumbnail::Private::data_type.

static Thumbnail* OpenRaw::Thumbnail::getAndExtractThumbnail ( const char *  _filename,
uint32_t  preferred_size,
::or_error &  err 
) [static]

quick and dirty "get this thumbnail"

_filename the filename
preferred_size the size of the thumbnail
Return values:
err the error code
a Thumbnail object. Callers own it and must delete it.

void OpenRaw::Thumbnail::setDataType ( Thumbnail::DataType  _type  ) 

set the data type

Definition at line 103 of file thumbnail.cpp.

References OpenRaw::Thumbnail::Private::data_type.

Referenced by OpenRaw::Internals::CRWFile::_getThumbnail().

void OpenRaw::Thumbnail::setDimensions ( uint32_t  x,
uint32_t  y 

set the pixel dimensions of the thumbnail

Definition at line 138 of file thumbnail.cpp.

References OpenRaw::Thumbnail::Private::x, and OpenRaw::Thumbnail::Private::y.

Referenced by OpenRaw::Internals::CRWFile::_getThumbnail().

size_t OpenRaw::Thumbnail::size (  )  const

return the size of the data

Definition at line 118 of file thumbnail.cpp.

References OpenRaw::Thumbnail::Private::data_size.

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