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Public Types

typedef ::or_rawfile_type Type

Public Member Functions

virtual ~RawFile ()
Type type () const
const std::vector< uint32_t > & listThumbnailSizes (void)
::or_error getThumbnail (uint32_t size, Thumbnail &thumbnail)

Static Public Member Functions

static RawFilenewRawFile (const char *_filename, Type _typeHint=OR_RAWFILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN)

Protected Member Functions

 RawFile (const char *_filename, Type _type)
virtual ::or_error _enumThumbnailSizes (std::vector< uint32_t > &list)=0
virtual ::or_error _getThumbnail (uint32_t size, Thumbnail &thumbnail)=0


class  Private

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file rawfile.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenRaw::RawFile::~RawFile (  )  [virtual]


Definition at line 152 of file rawfile.cpp.

OpenRaw::RawFile::RawFile ( const char *  _filename,
Type  _type 
) [protected]

Construct a raw file

_filename the RAW file name
_type the type

Definition at line 145 of file rawfile.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ::or_error OpenRaw::RawFile::_enumThumbnailSizes ( std::vector< uint32_t > &  list  )  [protected, pure virtual]

enumerate the thumbnail sizes.

list the list to enumerate into
OR_ERROR_NONE if success

Implemented in OpenRaw::Internals::CRWFile, and OpenRaw::Internals::IFDFile.

Referenced by listThumbnailSizes().

virtual ::or_error OpenRaw::RawFile::_getThumbnail ( uint32_t  size,
Thumbnail thumbnail 
) [protected, pure virtual]

get the thumbnail of exact size.

size the size in pixel of the square
Return values:
thumbnail the thumbnail to load
OR_ERROR_NONE if success listThumbnailSizes() to understand how to fetch the sizes available

Implemented in OpenRaw::Internals::CRWFile.

Referenced by getThumbnail().

or_error OpenRaw::RawFile::getThumbnail ( uint32_t  size,
Thumbnail thumbnail 

Get the thumbnail from the raw file

thumbnail the thumbnail to extract into
size the square size in px
the error code

Definition at line 176 of file rawfile.cpp.

References _getThumbnail(), and listThumbnailSizes().

const std::vector< uint32_t > & OpenRaw::RawFile::listThumbnailSizes ( void   ) 

list the available thumbnail sizes

Definition at line 163 of file rawfile.cpp.

References _enumThumbnailSizes(), and OpenRaw::RawFile::Private::m_sizes.

Referenced by getThumbnail().

RawFile * OpenRaw::RawFile::newRawFile ( const char *  _filename,
) [static]

factory method to create the proper RawFile instance.

_filename the name of the file to load
_typeHint a hint on the type. Use UNKNOWN_TYPE if you want to let the library detect it for you.

Definition at line 96 of file rawfile.cpp.

References OpenRaw::init(), and type().

RawFile::Type OpenRaw::RawFile::type (  )  const

Accessor for the type

Definition at line 158 of file rawfile.cpp.

References OpenRaw::RawFile::Private::m_type.

Referenced by OpenRaw::Internals::IFDFile::_locateThumbnail(), and newRawFile().

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